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Music Technology

At Georgia Tech, Lauren is a graduate research assistant and works to develop curriculum for music technology classrooms and for music and computer science based websites like EarSketch. Her creative work in music technology includes developing interactive systems and pieces for electronics and acoustic ensembles. 


Elevate is a map-based interactive soundscape utilizing latitude, longitude, and elevation data in order to dynamically shape and spatialize music. As part of a repertory of geographically based sonification projects, Elevate explores the connection and uniqueness of topographical data from various locations.


VR Graphic Score Creation Space

The 3D graphic score space is a collaborative virtual reality space for creating scores utilizing graphic notation. This project and user study includes two main aspects, one involving the collaborative creation of a graphic score and the second stage involving the performance of the graphic score. This project is currently taking place at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

VR image.png
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